Ariel view of Orange Day

An evening full of bikes, riding along with others and some racing thrown-in leaves us riders satisfied and feeling good.

KTM organized the Orange day on Sep 29, 2013 at Parking Area, Near ATC Tower, Cargo Stand Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. We thank them for the evening and Krishna Bajaj, Gurgaon for organizing a group ride from IFFCO chowk to the venue. It was an amazing to ride with likes of hayabusa, Yamaha Intruder, Kawasaki Ninja and of course KTMs. We dont think we can describe the feeling in words so here are some pictures and video for you to experience it.

Indeed it was a short ride, arriving at the venue – The Parking lot, took us about 20 minutes. As we arrived the vroom-vroom of bigger engines got us all the attention and eye balls. The venue was well lit under the open sky. The enviorment was warm, friendly and non threatening especially for the women. The attention paid to organizing the event by KTM team was evident. Volunteers to direct you towards the registration desk, pointing the KTM riders and non-KTM riders to their spots, and helping people find the refreshment area, it was well-planned and executed.

Display of KTM 350 SX-f, Superbike 1190RC8-R and riding gear arena was given separate space, away but not far from the track.


The race format was fairly simple; sighting lap, warm-up, and track familiarization lap clubbed into one, followed by the three lap race. AfterPaddock the registration and before racing, the riders were made to sit through a classroom session to orient them towards basics of racing and how to get the most of their machines. To our surprise, we also spotted paddock girls (see right) on the track with placards to let riders know of the lap they were running – One, two, three, or final lap. The riders raced in slots with winners of each slot race competing to be the final top three. Grid positions were decided through a lottery system. Rider picks a chit and number on the chit is his grid position. Isn’t that simple?  MotoGP could save some fuel, we guess !

The fun filled Orange day was concluded with podium finishers being awarded and a KTM Duke stunt show.

KTM Orange Day Delhi winner
Dont miss the race winner in formals on the top step. It’s a rare sight !!

Rupinder (Number 13) was on the top step with Shashank (Number 17) and Achal  (Number 37) completing the rostrum.

KTM also took the opportunity of handing over the keys to the few customers of KTM 390 Duke. Till now KTM has organized “Orange Day” at Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Noida, Chennai, Vadodara, Jaipur, Kochi and now in Delhi. More KTM “Orange Days” would be organized in other Metro towns of India. Dont miss the action in your town and if you do, come back here.

Highlights of the race on our Youtube channel


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